Country Singer Posts Update On Battle With “Rare” Cancer

Pistol Annies / Instagram

In July, country singer Ashley Monroe announced she had been diagnosed with a “rare” blood cancer called Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia.

It’s causing my body to be pretty severely anemic, and I feel it,” Monroe said. “So, I start chemo tomorrow. Seems like such a negative thing to say.”

But Monroe expressed how grateful she is that her cancer “is VERY live with-able” and there’s a treatment that works. She also shared how thankful she is for her friends and family, including her Pistol Annies bandmates Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley.

…I could use the prayers.. and I DO believe in the power of prayer guys,” Monroe said. “I also believe in the power of love healing us all on an even deeper level. I love you all big. Here I go.”

Monroe shared an update on her cancer battle in an interview with Rolling Stone in September.

I’ve gotten through two cycles now of chemo,” she said. “Each cycle is back to back, once a month. It’s hard, I’ll be honest. It doesn’t feel good the day of and the week after, but I feel like I’ve bounced back a little quicker this time than my first time. I’ve got a lot of support. I definitely feel people praying.”

Monroe said that her particular cancer “will never go away,” saying doctors have told her it’s “for life.”

On December 15, Monroe had another update to share…and it was a celebratory one. She finished chemo!

Monroe posted a video on her Instagram that shows her “ringing the bell” to celebrate the end of her chemo treatments.

Ring a ling a ling a ding dong ding…My last chemo is done!” Monroe captioned the video. “Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for praying for me. I felt them more than you know. I’ve never been more thankful. Ready to Come back like never before in 2022!”

You can watch Monroe’s video below. We’ll continue to keep her in our prayers.