Pistol Annies Member Gives Birth To Beautiful Baby Girl

The Pistol Annies may have just become a quartet! Angaleena Presley, known to fans as “Holler Annie,” revealed on social media she gave birth to a daughter on Tuesday (Jan 22). On August 13, Pistol Annies first made the first big announcement during a hometown show. Standing in front of a roaring crowd, Miranda Lambert exclaimed, “One […] More

Miranda Lambert Makes Unexpected Promise On Social Media

For some time now, fans have been eagerly waiting on new music from country music trio the Pistol Annies and it’s all because of Miranda Lambert. At the end of January, she posted a black and white photo on Instagram on her playing guitar with a glass of wine and a pen and notepad. “I […] More

Country Singer Wishes More Singers ‘Would Speak Out’ On Politics

In one of the most polarizing political administrations in United States history, many country singers are faced with a tricky decision when it comes to letting their political views be known. Apart from a select few tweeting positively about the Women’s March or Lee Greenwood and Toby Keith‘s performances at the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Nashville’s elite […] More