Video: Dad Gets Fishing Reel Tangled In Daughter’s Hair

Brittani Whitman Garrett / Facebook

Brittani Whitman Garret from Mayflower, Arkansas was a bit surprised after getting a call from her husband and hearing that their daughter had gotten herself stuck in her dad’s fishing gear.

“This is what happens when the girls go fishing with daddy,” Brittani quoted on Facebook.

Footage showed the little girl standing on the porch being questioned by her mother about how she had gotten the reel tangled in her hair.

According to the dad, he said he was fishing in July of 2019 when the incident took place. He explained that he was reeling in his line when one of his girls decided to crawl underneath him and come up between his legs.

Without noticing her, she brings her hair close to the reel while he’s reeling and all of a sudden, the two merge together and become one. Not being able to remove the reel himself, dad resorts to calling mom who found the situation a bit funny.

“I threw out and I was reeling and I was up in the deck and sitting in my seat, so I had the pole in between my legs reeling. Well, I didn’t know that Paisley had crawled back up onto the deck with me and she had, head first, come into the reel as I was just nonchalantly reeling on,” Jon Garrett explained to THV11.

Brittani was able to remove the reel and she shared a few videos showing the process of doing so. Check out the videos below.