Remake Of Miranda Lambert’s New Music Video Stars Two Special People

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On December 12, 2016, Miranda Lambert released a fun-filled new single titled “We Should Be Friends.” Written entirely by Lambert, the tune is a far cry from her previous single, “Vice.” While “Vice” is filled with deep feelings of regret and heartache, “We Should Be Friends” is a more lighthearted piece. It also features Lambert’s signature sassy attitude, which is what made fans fall in love with her from the start.

“We Should Be Friends” has been climbing steadily up the charts ever since its release. So far, it has climbed as high as the 25th spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Just short of two months after Lambert released “We Should Be Friends” as a single, she debuted the music video for the tune. The video shows Lambert strolling into a beauty salon, where she undergoes a dazzling makeover. All throughout the video, she enjoys a bunch of laughs with her friends, both human and canine. A couple of Lambert’s real-life friends even made appearances in the video!

The video for “We Should Be Friends” plays off of something that fans are used to seeing on Lambert’s social media accounts. Every now and then, Lambert will post a short video of herself with her hair and makeup team jamming out to music together. The group will all sing into random objects, including brushes and hair straighteners. Lambert refers to these videos as “glam jams,” and her music video for “We Should Be Friends” is the biggest glam jam she’s ever done!

To celebrate “We Should Be Friends,” some of Lambert’s loved ones decided to join forces for a full-out glam jam tribute. Lambert shared the video on her Instagram, saying that they had taken the whole concept of the glam jam to “the next level.”

The video opens with Lambert’s grandma and her friends all filing their nails together while relaxing in Lambert’s Pink Pistol Boutique. After that, the clip cuts to show Lambert’s father, Richard, swaying back and forth as he sings along to “We Should Be Friends.” A few of the Pink Pistol employees also star in the video, and can be seen riding mechanical horses and posing in front of a photo stand in.

Overall, the glam jam clip perfectly captures the fun spirit of Lambert’s “We Should Be Friends” video. Tune in below to watch her grandma, dad, and the Pink Pistol employees put on their adorable tribute to Lambert!