Rep Comes Clean About Blake & Gwen’s Wedding Invitation Rumor

Credit: NBC/The Voice via Gossip & Gab

“The blessed event is set to take place next May, at a Catholic church in Beverly Hills that’s served as the setting for quite a few other celebrity ceremonies through the years,” One magazine claims, adding that the “$3 million extravaganza” is being paid for by Stefani’s deep coffers.

Furthermore, they suggest that the guest list will include the likes of Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, and other mutual friends. The publication even alleges that their exes, Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert will receive one of the invitations.

In a new article by Gossip Cop, they spoke with Gwen Stefani‘s representative about the matter and her rep opened up about the ‘official invitation’ the magazine had received and the couple’s rumored ‘wedding extravaganza’.

The rep reveals that all talk of this ‘official invitation’ and massive ceremony are nothing but rumor and unfounded speculations, calling the outlet’s reproduced invitation “a fake” further stating that the magazine’s story of the wedding is simply “untrue”.

This isn’t the first time marriage rumors have been swirling about these two, and even Ellen DeGeneres brought it up during an interview with Stefani earlier this year.

Watch the video below where Gwen Stefani talks about Blake Shelton ‘Popping the Question’.