Robbed By Thieves, Dog The Bounty Hunter Gives Intense Statement

YouTube / DailyMail

In the wake of his beloved wife’s passing in June 2019, Dog The Bounty Hunter has been actively sharing her story and her love with people throughout the world. He held two memorial services and has shared some sweet memories on social media. Plus, he’s continued filming the show they were working on for WGN America and working alongside the rest of his family.

An unexpected situation arose shortly after her passing when unauthorized merchants began peddling t-shirts and other items that contained his late wife’s likeness and image – but the proceeds weren’t going to the right place.

Now, the Chapman family is dealing with something much more sinister than they ever thought possible…

In a sick twist, thieves robbed the “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Store in Colorado. They stole all sorts of merchandise and memorabilia…but the worst part is that they took some of Beth Chapman’s personal items and work gear.

After the robbery was published online, Dog took to Twitter and issued an intense statement and call to action for everyone he could reach…

“The Bible says it is an unforgivable sin to steal from the dead…”

He shared a link to the article about the robbery of the family’s store and added that he’s offering a large cash reward for anyone who has information on the responsible party.

Why you would steal from the most-famous bounty hunter in the country? You know he’s gonna find you.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Dog and his family. We hope that the thieves are apprehended soon and brought to justice.