Rock Band 3 Doors Down Covers Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” (Left), AP (Right)

Since emerging from the post-grunge rock band era in 1996, 3 Doors Down has managed to maintain prominence through a series of international hit songs.

They Played For The President

The band even performed their career-defining song “Kryptonite” at the inauguration of Donald Trump in early 2017.

They’re Country Fans?

While they themselves may not create country music, from the sound of it, they’re major fans of Garth Brooks! The rock band covered the country singer’s emotional ballad, “The Dance,” back in 2014 with an overall masterful result.

“This next song,” said band frontman Brad Arnold. “Is my single favorite song that has ever been written…If we don’t get it exactly right I’m sorry, but I want this song played at my funeral.”

Arnold backed by his fellow bandmates then rolled into a tear-jerking cover of “The Dance” that would break even the coldest of hearts. They maintained the essence of Brooks’ country ballad while adding their own grungy twist.

You can watch their rendition of “The Dance” in the video below!