‘Rudolph’ Gets Redneck Twist That’ll Have You Rolling With Laughter

JoeDiffieVEVO / YouTube

A Christmas favorite was given the redneck treatment for a twist that’ll have you rolling with laughter!

Country singer Joe Diffie did the honors of introducing us to Santa’s newest edition, “Leroy The Redneck Reindeer,” a lovable deer that saves the day with a little help from his trusty pick up truck!

Rudolph was under the weather/ He had to call in sick/ So he got on the horn with his cousin Leroy/ Who lived out in the sticks,” sings Diffie as the vivid animation showcases a hard at work reindeer fixin’ up a truck outside his trailer.


As Leroy pulls into the North Pole, the other reindeer begin to snicker at the sight of a deer in overalls, clearly skeptical about his qualifications. Despite their doubts, Santa told the magical reindeer, “Like it or not, Leroy is in charge/ And he’s gonna be leading you.”

Strapping the sleigh full of gifts to Leroy’s truck, Santa and the reindeer set off on a night that would change their outlook on the deer. Soon enough, even the skeptics were dancing along with the redneck reindeer, finally embracing Leroy as their own.

You can watch Diffie’s “Leroy the Redneck Reindeer” below.