8 Siblings Created The Ultimate Holiday Dance That’ll Leave You In Tears


A group of a whopping 8 siblings has continued a tradition throughout the years that, without a doubt, is quite different from your traditional holiday recipe or evening of caroling!

This family has been partaking in their annual tradition of choreographing an intricate dance to a holiday song of their choice, completing a magical sequence that requires a lot of practice and endless patience!

One year, the kids decided to choreograph their moves to a mashup of Pentatonix’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and Mariah Carey’s holiday hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Not only did these kids come equipped with their mother’s Christmas sweaters, but they brought out the laughs with their hilarious dance moves.

After moving wildly about in an almost eerie synchronization, the kids freeze, replicating the popular “Mannequin Challenge” before jumping into Carey’s bubbly hit!

These siblings put some serious effort into their performance! Check it out in the video below and prepare to laugh!