Sadie Robertson Finally Address Eating Disorder Rumors

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20-year-old Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is extremely open with her fans. She has to be. The line of work she is in is public speaking.

Since the end of her family’s hit reality show, she has become a fixture in the Christian circuit, often traveling to different states to spread the word of God.

Admitting She Had An Eating Disorder

In a blog post in September 2017, Robertson revealed something she had been holding in for a long time – she previously fought a yearlong battle with an eating disorder.

She revealed that it started a year after she came in second place on Dancing With The Stars.

“At least five times a day, I would wrap my hands around my thighs, making sure they hadn’t grown beyond what I could reach,” she wrote. “I knew each little calorie that was in every bite of food I took. I talked about food all of the time. I hid behind the talk, and I actually hid behind encouraging others.”

She is now recovered from her eating disorder and is happier than ever. She recently released a book called Live Fearless and during her book tour, she addressed some of the rumors that came out of her admission to the eating disorder.

Clearing The Air

Because she wrote that it happened after DWTS, some people took that as being on DWTS gave her an eating disorder – which she now claims was not the case.

Sitting down with ET’s Sophie Schillaci, Robertson said, “I love ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and I love my family out there. Mark [Ballas] is like a brother to me. He’s the best partner ever, the whole cast, the whole crew, they’re amazing. Those headlines made me so sad.”

She continued, “The thing [was], it was all me. I was scared to do it. I was afraid of comments. I was afraid of the judges, I was afraid of what people might think of me, all these different things. I was encrypted in fear. So it was a me problem, not a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ problem.”

Robertson was happy to clear the air and even told Schillaci that she was glad that was brought up so she could officially clear the air.

Watch her full interview with ET below.