“Voice” Star Vanishes From Show

YouTube/The Voice

All four judges were left speechless – as was the crowd when it was announced that one of this season’s most talented stars had left the competition without an explanation.

Turning all four chairs during her blind audition, young Hannah Goebel brought some serious chops to the stage with a riveting and impressive performance of Alicia Keys‘ “If I Ain’t Got You.”

Hannah, in fact, was so impressive that coach Kelly Clarkson used her one and only “block” of the season to secure Goebel’s spot on her team by making sure Keys didn’t have a chance to win her over.

During the March 27th, 2018 episode of The Voice, host Carson Daly revealed that Goebel would no longer be competing on the show and had withdrawn for unknown personal reasons. Many were shocked by the unexpected departure – especially since she had blown everyone away with such a powerful audition.

The young singer spoke to her fans on social media, thanking everyone at The Voice for their support and confirming that she had left, but not providing much information beyond that.

“As many of you have now heard, I left this season of The Voice due to personal reasons,” Goebel wrote. “I want to assure everyone that I am well; I still have my voice and am looking forward to a long music career…”



Her contestant page on The Voice’s website says that she suffers from a visual disorder called convergence insufficiency and it makes her eyes hard to focus. Music was her outlet to excel beyond the vision difficulties she faced.

It is unknown if her vision problems led to her leaving the show.

Watch Hannah Goebel’s stunning blind audition below.