“Scary” Alligator Knocks on Woman’s Door

Robyn Schnessel via Joey Sovine Live 5 News / Facebook

Robyn Schnessel of West Ashley, one of the six districts in Charleston, South Carolina, had an unexpected guest interrupt her morning routine. Robyn investigated the front of her house after Robyn’s two dogs noticed a strange intruder. Luckily, Robyn snapped a photo of what she found! A very (friendly?) alligator waited at the front door and knocked on the glass with its snout!

“The gator was literally knocking on the door with his face…It is crazy and scary and hilarious,” Robyn told McClatchy News.

Reporter Joey Sovine of Live 5 News, who covered the story, confirmed with Robyn that alligators were present in her area. The West Ashley native explained that alligators resided in the nearby ponds. Still, a gator house call is not typical. 

Does the alligator look like it is smiling to you? Maybe it’s just hungry…

Robyn kept track of the alligator throughout the day. (Wouldn’t you?) Humorously, Robyn claimed that the alligator even ventured to other houses in her neighborhood, and followers of the story love the imagery! Readers have speculated light-hearted reasons behind the alligator’s appearance. Perhaps the animal wanted to spread awareness about Steve Irwin Day, which passed on November 15th!

Whatever the reason for the alligator’s curious visit, Robyn will probably watch her step the next time she walks out the front door!