School Principal Denies Students Chance To Attend Brad Paisley Concert

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When the students at Field Club Elementary in Nebraska heard that Brad Paisley’s college tour was bringing him to the city of Lincoln, they tried to get his attention. The students made a video asking Paisley if he’d come perform at their school while he was in town. A local news station tried to get in contact with Paisley’s label to see if such a thing could be possible.

The children’s story caught the attention of Frontier Communications, a cable company that had a special section set up at the Lincoln show. Frontier Communications got in touch with the school, and invited all of the staff and students to come sit in the company’s special section at the concert. Frontier Communications even extended the offer to bus the students to and from the concert.

But in a surprising twist, the students never got to go to Paisley’s concert on Thursday night (October 14).

After receiving Frontier’s offer, principal Barbara Wild said it would “not be appropriate” to have the students out so late on a school night.  Because of that, Wild said 55 staff members would be attending the concert instead.

According to Wild, the decision to keep the kids from going to the concert was reached after talking to some parents about it. But most parents had no idea that the concert had ever been a possibility, telling KCTV 5 News that they never received any notification about it. As a result, many parents were outraged, saying the school should have left the decision up to them instead of taking matters into their own hands:

That’s a parent’s choice, and if a parent makes that personal decision, then that’s on the parent,” said one parent. “The school has no right to make that decision for a parent.

I would have took [my daughter], even if she had school the next day,” another parent added when asked what she thought about the school’s decision.

The staff was scheduled to leave on school buses to attend the concert on Thursday, according to ABC NTV. Principal Wild stated that she hopes Paisley will still consider paying a visit to the school in the future.

You can watch the full news report about all of this in the video below. Then let us know your thoughts…was the school in the wrong by taking the tickets away from the kids?