Trisha Films Her Reaction When She Hears Garth’s Song On The Radio

Facebook/Trisha Yearwood

Fans were ecstatic when Garth Brooks announced and released his brand new single “Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance” in 2016. It seems no one was more excited for this news than his always-supportive wife, Trisha Yearwood.

As an artist, it’s always fun to hear your song on the radio for the first time and when Brooks’s single dropped, both he and Yearwood were patiently waiting for that moment to come.

While getting her hair and makeup done to film an episode of Trisha’s Kitchen, Yearwood heard “Baby Let’s Lay Down And Dance” on the radio and had to film her reaction!

She was blasting the music and after harmonizing to the chorus’s lyrics and title of the song, she told everyone, “I’m sitting down and dancing!”

In the second verse, Brooks sings “I got to tell you girl you drive me wild / Every time I see you dance I see that smile / My world gets hazy and I’m moving like I’m in a trance / Whoa I know it’s crazy but baby let’s lay down and dance.

Yearwood adorably tells her fans, “That’s me he’s talkin’ about! That’s right. See me dance, see me smile!

Before ending the video, she says, “He’s so awesome and cute! Love ya, honey!”

How cute is she?! Watch the ADORABLE moment below.