Scotty McCreery Honors Fallen Vietnam Soldier With Memorial Day Performance Of “The Dash”

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Scotty McCreery Recorded A Powerful Military Tribute Song Called “The Dash”

Grand Ole Opry member Scotty McCreery recorded a song called “The Dash” early in his career. The track was inspired by a sad, real-life story and is a powerful tribute to our fallen military heroes.

McCreery’s sophomore album See You Tonight contained every type of song you could think of. There was the romantic title track, the fun-loving “Feelin’ It,” and a touching song titled “The Dash.”

“The Dash” was written by songwriters Kyle Jacobs and Preston Brust, and was included as the eighth track on See You Tonight.


Scotty McCreery included his song "The Dash" on his album "See You Tonight"
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The song tells the story of a young man who served in the military but was killed in action. One of the verses describes him as a teenager, saying, “He was a steelworker’s son, homecoming king.

He eventually found a girl and fell in love, but he put everything on the line for the sake of his country.

The chorus reflects on how it always seems too soon,” when a young service member is killed in action. As a result, the family and loved ones are left wishing for them to come back for just one more day.

Scotty Dedicates Memorial Day Performance To A Fallen Hero

Every year, PBS hosts the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C. to honor Memorial Day. Country stars are often asked to perform at the concert, and one year it was McCreery’s turn.

He was invited to perform “The Dash” along with the National Symphony Orchestra and was happy to accept.

I’ve always loved performing ‘The Dash’ and was honored that the Memorial Day Concert producers asked me to be part of their show and pay tribute to the brave men and women who gave everything for our country,” McCreery said. “We will always remember them and their sacrifice.

With pure emotion in his voice, McCreery delivered a stunning tribute with his performance of “The Dash.” As he sang, the audience watched photos of SFC Lewis Clark Walton play across the screens next to him.


The Family Watched Scotty Sing At The Memorial Day Concert

SFC Walton was killed during the Vietnam War, but his remains couldn’t be located for decades. Finally, after 36 years, SFC Walton’s remains returned home so he could be laid to rest.

SFC Walton’s widow and children were in the audience while McCreery sang. You could tell that they were moved by his performance, and many other audience members also had tears in their eyes.

It says something about McCreery when he is able to connect to such an emotional song and, in turn, help others connect to it as well. Tune in below to watch his outstanding Memorial Day tribute with “The Dash.”

Grab some tissues before you hit play on this one, because you’ll need them.