Scotty McCreery Mourns The Loss Of His Grandfather In Intimate Performance Of ‘5 More Minutes’

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During an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry on June 10, 2016 Scotty McCreery debuted a song that people couldn’t stop talking about for months. Called “Five More Minutes,” Scotty wrote the song a few weeks after suffering a heartbreaking loss.

Scotty’s grandfather, Bill, was a hard worker and was dedicated to his family. He and Scotty shared a close relationship, which is why it hit Scotty hard when Bill passed away unexpectedly on January 11, 2015 at the age of 86.

The loss of his grandfather was hard to handle, and Scotty turned to music to help him cope. That’s when he ended up writing “Five More Minutes,” a song that talks about moments in life that you want to last a little longer. Some of the moments Scotty describes in the song are when your mom calls you in from outside and when you have to finish kissing your loved one goodnight.

But the song’s emotional punch comes at the end, during which Scotty sings about the loss of his grandfather. As his grandfather passed away, Scotty sings of how he made a plea to God to please just give him “five more minutes” to spend with him.\

Scotty’s Opry performance of the song went viral, with many fans saying it should be his next single. He ended up releasing it almost a year after that Opry performance and it reached the top of the charts, giving the American Idol champion his very first #1 song.

While visiting Nash FM 94.7’s studio in New York, Scotty and a few of his band members delivered a stripped down, acoustic version of “Five More Minutes.” The simplified arrangement is fitting for the song, and gave it an even more personal feeling than before.

You can check out Scotty’s new performance of “Five More Minutes” below.

We’re sure Scotty’s grandfather is so proud of him and all he’s accomplished.