Scotty McCreery Performs Cover Of Jamey Johnson’s ‘In Color’

Scotty McCreery Official YouTube Channel

Modern Artists Honor Iconic Songs

When the 50th CMA Awards were approaching in 2016, country legends and modern stars all gathered to honor the genre’s rich history.

In the weeks leading up to the awards, many modern artists stepped up to cover some of the greatest country songs of all time. All of these covers were part of the CMA’s “Forever Country” cover series.

One artist who participated was none other than Scotty McCreery.

he song he covered was Jamey Johnson‘s “In Color,” which was released in March 2008 and was a Top 10 country hit. The song went on to be honored as the Song of the Year at the 2008 ACM Awards, and was later named the Song of the Year at the CMA Awards in 2009.

This Song Tells A Story

If you’ve listened to Johnson’s original version of the song, then you know exactly why it earned such high honors. The song is about a grandson who looks at old black and white photos from his grandfather’s life, with his grandfather telling him he should have been there to see it “in color.”

With such a heavy message, the song requires someone with a voice packed full of power and emotion.

McCreery brought exactly that to his cover of “In Color,” which will have you hanging on every note. With only two guitarists to back him up, McCreery’s voice was soft and vulnerable in the beginning verse.

Prepare To Be Blown Away

But just wait until you hear him reach the chorus for the first time, because when he does, you’ll be blown away. From the first note of the chorus McCreery let his voice explode with a passionate energy, bringing out a raspy tone that will give you chills.

He continues to daze and amaze throughout the rest of this extraordinary performance, leaving anyone who listens to it absolutely breathless by the time he is finished.

McCreery’s cover is definitely something you have to see “in color,” and you can in the video below. There’s no denying his talent!