Security Camera Shows Mountain Lion Stalking Jogger

ViralHog / YouTube

In September of 2021 in Ojai, California, a home security camera captured the wild and crazy moment a mountain lion stalked a jogger who was exercising in a suburban neighborhood.

The video showed the mountain lion stealthfully creeping across the front yard of a local resident while at the same time, a man was jogging down the road towards the yard.

The mountain lion was well aware of the man but the man was not aware of the mountain lion at all. The big cat laid down on its belly and hid behind some bushes between it and the man jogging down the street.

ViralHog / YouTube

The two were only a few feet away from each other and where it was crouched down, the cat could have easily pounced onto the man oblivious to the danger.

Fortunately for the jogger, the mountain lion was just curious and didn’t attack him. It let the man run by continuing his exercise and then later ran off when the coast was clear.

Wildlife experts say that if you have ever seen one of the big cats roaming around you, the chances are they have probably seen you. Watch the video below to see the footage from the home security camera.