Self-Proclaimed Hillbilly Gives Review Of The Male Romper

Facebook/Adam Parkins

The Internet went crazy in 2017 when ACED Design started a Kickstarter campaign for their invention, The RompHim™, a romper for men. In less than a week, the company raised over $365,000, and their goal was $10,000.

The one-piece garment, typically worn by women and children, sparked an Internet debate on whether a male should be revoked of his “man card” or not if he decides to rock the new fashion trend.

This redneck named Adam Parkins, who calls himself a Gingerbilly – a ginger hillbilly, wanted to test out the new trend by trying on his wife’s romper.

“This, America, is a romper!” he says in a thick Southern accent. “Before you go judgin’ anybody, you should try one on. This thing right here is like the Swiss army knife of clothing, alright?”

He demonstrates how practical the clothing item is, with its deep pockets that can hold his chewing tobacco, wallet, asthma inhaler, and a magazine for his AR-15 – all at the same time.

“Don’t judge me. It’s sleeveless, it’s very vented, I feel comfortable. You should try one on, this will be the new style, baby,” he says before ending the video.

Watch his hilarious review that now has over 15 million views.