Senior Dog Whines After Seeing Soldier Friend For First Time In Months

Hannah Foraker / YouTube

There’s a reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend. They bond with us in a way that few other animals do, and shower us with endless love and affection.

That’s why it’s always so heartwarming to watch videos of dogs reuniting with their military owners.

One such video of a dog celebrating the homecoming of its soldier best friend has touched millions of people since it was published in 2016.

When a woman named Hannah turned 21, she left home to join the Army. She was away at basic training in Oklahoma for several months before she was finally able to return home for a short visit during the Christmas season.

Upon her arrival, Hannah was greeted by her Golden Retriever, Buddy. Hannah got Buddy as a puppy when she was just a little girl, and the sweet dog grew up alongside her.

At the time that Hannah shared the video of their reunion, Buddy was 13 years old. She was arthritic and mostly deaf, but that didn’t keep her from celebrating Hannah’s homecoming.

Hannah Foraker / YouTube

Hannah got down on the ground to greet Buddy, who started wagging her tail enthusiastically when she saw her. She then began to whine, showing how happy she was to see her friend after being separated for so long.

The clip of Hannah and Buddy’s reunion is short, but it won’t take long for you to have tears in your eyes. Over six million people have viewed the video since Hannah posted it, making it one of the most popular dog reunion videos of all time.

You can go ahead and watch Hannah and Buddy reunite in the video below. Keep some tissues close by, because you’re going to need them.