Shirtless Luke Bryan Comically Censored By Fellow Country Star

Luke Bryan / Instagram

Known as one of the biggest hunks in country music right now, shirtless photos of Luke Bryan are treasured like fine jewelry. Many a country girl has gone a little bit wild after catching a glimpse of the “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” singer without a shirt.

But one of Bryan’s tour openers wasn’t about to give any fans that satisfaction.

Luke Bryan / Instagram

While traveling on his What Makes You Country tour this year, Bryan had camera crews backstage to film behind-the-scenes moments. As you’d expect, they captured a few bloopers along the way, including one featuring his shirtless body and Jon Pardi.

In a clip Bryan posted to Instagram, you can briefly see him changing his shirt before Pardi steps in. Solo cup in hand, Pardi censors the shirtless Bryan in the most comical way possible.

You think this is free?” Pardi asks the surely thousands of disappointed fans that would later watch the video. “You pay for this, this is an extra hundred dollars…And for me, thousands!

We have a feeling that more than a few fans would be willing to pay that extra hundred, and those extra thousands too.

But no need to worry. Even though Pardi kept Bryan from showing off too much of his shirtless body, he hasn’t always been able to stop him. There are quite a few shirtless Bryan photos online, and here’s one of the best.

Oh and as an added bonus, here’s a shirtless photo of Pardi. Y’all don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to see this!

Pardi may have censored Bryan’s shirtless body behind the scenes while on tour, but he clearly couldn’t stop him and his wife from sharing photos on Instagram!

Of course, Pardi’s actions backstage were all in fun. It’s always a guaranteed good time whenever he tags along on Bryan’s tour, both off and on the stage.

During one show, Bryan and Pardi joined forces to sing a mega medley of iconic country hits, including songs by George Strait and Alabama. Check out that rollicking performance in the clip below.

Bryan and Pardi make such a great team, which makes us hopeful that they’ll continue to collaborate in the future!