Shots Fired Into Bobby Bones Producer’s Home

Twitter / Laura Birdwell

One of country radio personality, Bobby Bones‘, closest friends and co-workers received the shock of a lifetime after an unknown gunman fired at his Nashville home during the evening hours last night (March 6th, 2019.)

Ray, who everyone refers to as “Raymundo” first broke the news of the incident to his Twitter followers just moments after it had happened – and luckily, he, his girlfriend, and their fluffy cat were all just fine after the ordeal.

Sitting down this morning for an exclusive interview with Bobby Bones, Ray explained how the entire situation unfolded and how a random urge by his girlfriend, Laura Birdwell, might have saved her life.

“I was in the bed sleeping and I heard something that sounded like a bunch of glasses breaking in the living room and I came running out,” he told Bones on-air this morning. “And I just started scanning the room – at the time we couldn’t see any glass…I was just shaken.”

Upon further examination of their living room, they discovered a massive dent in the television where the screen had been badly damaged. Looking across the room to the window, Ray then noticed a bullet hole and splintered glass everywhere – and that’s when things got really scary.

“And then I looked at the window and there’s a gunshot right in the window and I’m like ‘GET DOWN!!!’ and we all hit the deck,” he continued. “So she called 9-1-1 and within a minute the cops were there and they started asking questions…me and my girl didn’t want to get up because who knew if another shot was gonna go off.”

Luckily, nobody in their apartment was hurt during the ordeal and police were able to recover the bullet for evidence purposes as they continue their investigation. There are no suspects at this time, but they are actively pursuing this case.

Ray says that he thinks it was probably people “being dumb and daring each other to hit the TV or something” adding that he has very large bay windows at the front of his apartment home.

“The scary part is [Laura] was sitting on that couch watching TV two minutes before, but she had a random urge to go to the bath[room] and take a bath. Because of that, she wasn’t out there watching TV.”

“The [police] said [it was] a couple of high school kids, college kids, being crazy – being a redneck, and taking a shot.”

Ray also referred to the event as one of the scariest moments of his life in a local news report. Watch his full interview with Bobby Bones below along with a clip from the news station.