90s Rockstar Unleashes “Landslide” Cover That Proves You Never Knew He Could Sing Like This

YouTube / Bush Official

His gritty, raw and unique voice rang out through the hills around him as he bleeds passion in this unforgettable tribute to Fleetwood Mac.


Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani finalized their divorce in spring 2016, just months before she would go on to announce her relationship with ‘Voice’ coach and country superstar Blake Shelton.


But, long before their names became synonymous with celebrity gossip and breakups, Rossdale and his rock band, Bush, took to the Hollywood Hills and performed this chilling cover of “Landslide” for their reunion album.

The song, which has always been a favorite of country fans, often finds a new home with artists of other genres because of its timeless melody and deep-rooted lyrics.

For fans of Bush and Rossdale, this will be a special treat to watch – and for all of those who aren’t familiar with his work, this will be an incredible surprise that will have y’all begging for more.

See Gavin Rossdale and Bush perform this live, rooftop cover of “Landslide” below.