Sight-Seer? Glass-Domed Train Takes Folks From Colorado To Utah

Rocky Mountaineer / Facebook

Enjoy the stunning scenery as you take a ride on a glass-domed train!

“Our custom-designed coaches provide you with panoramic views – or get a bit closer by stepping into the outdoor viewing area,” Rocky Mountaineer wrote on their website.

This luxury train travels through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and has some of the most beautiful areas in the southwestern United States.

On top of the opulent beauty you’ll experience, the train’s hosts will do everything they can to provide you with a good time, including entertaining you with engaging stories about historic sites, flora, and fauna.

“From the moment you set foot onboard, our hosts will go above and beyond to make your journey as comfortable as it is unforgettable,” Rocky Mountaineer added.

You will be offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with alcoholic beverages and sweet and savory snacks as you travel to Denver, Glenwood Springs, Moab, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas. At these destinations, the train stops for the night allowing guests to sleep in luxury hotels and get a good night’s rest.

As far as the pricing goes, there are a few different packages guests can purchase that range from $1,250 to $3,900 and each package offers different things.

Guests can opt in to spend two days riding the train and one night in a hotel, or they can enjoy longer stays of seven days on the train and seven nights in a hotel.

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