Six-String Soldiers Sings “Folsom Prison Blues” To Disabled Veteran

Six-String Soldiers Facebook Page

A group of four soldiers is taking social media by storm with their incredibly touching musical performances and inspiring message on first-hand military experience. Calling themselves the Six-String Soldiers, these men have used their musical talent to win the hearts of Americans, both with and without military affiliations with their outstanding acoustic performances. The group has created such a buzz that they were previously given the incredible opportunity to perform with legendary CCR member John Fogerty at a live concert for one hell of a number!

However, these brave men also channel their musical gifts to bring light to a number of issues, as well as influential people who they believe deserve recognition. The soldier chose this newfound fame and uproar to give a special live-feed performance with a veteran who risked, and ultimately sacrificed, what many take for granted day after day.

In a social media performance, the musical group welcomed Staff Sgt. Gordon Whitsitt to their live recording, an outstanding man who “served with a Paramedic Rescue Unit in Vietnam in the US Air Force from 1972-1975,” and ultimately requested that these men play him a little Johnny Cash for some serious nostalgia!

The men broke out into a vibrant and very original performance of Cash’s hit song “Folsom Prison Blues”, enticing Whitsitt to nod his head along to the blazing beat! As the performance continues, Whitsitt seems almost moved to tears in light of not only the glorious music, but his opportunity to be recognized and respected for his unimaginable sacrifice. Thank you for your service, gentlemen.

Watch the moving performance below.