“So Sad”: Tim Allen Shares Photos From Last Day On “Last Man Standing” Set

Tim Allen / Twitter

All good things must come to an end.

This week, Tim Allen and the cast of Last Man Standing, are saying goodbye as they film the series finale. Shortly after they finally reported to film the ninth season of the hit sitcom, they announced it would be their last.

As filming the 9th season began, each “last” became more and more emotional for the cast. Spending nine years on one show is rare, and Allen has now done it twice – once with Home Improvement and now, Last Man Standing.

Allen shared photos from his many “lasts” on set.

On March 23, he shared photos from his last day “in my ‘Baxter’ den.”

Then he shared a photo of his personal truck, which his character Mike Baxter kept in the garage.

“My truck leaves after so many years in this home to it’s old home in my car shop,” he wrote.

On March 24, he and the Baxter family took one last selfie together.

Then, it was time for him to film his last scene in Outdoor Man, which he called “my favorite store ever.”

On the second to last day of filming, Allen shared a photo of the Baxter living room and said, “So any emotions as we shoot this next to last day. Whew. Thanks to so many people most of all all you who watched our work. Thank you.”

The last day of filming took place on March 30. Allen revealed there were “really hard moments” and they had a limited live audience for their send-off.

Allen shared a few more moments throughout the final day of filming before saying, “Finished…so so sad and yet piles of gratitude.”

See his final tweets from the set below.