Gator Runs Soccer Players Off Field In Florida

@ansiep / UnSplash

Toronto FC soccer players were training in Orlando due to COVID-related travel restrictions this week when an alligator walked onto the field.

Reuters / Facebook

“Toronto FC players had an uninvited guest turn up to their training session in Orlando, Florida,” Reuters said.

The men being used to northern-type climate had quite the excitement over the gator. Footage showed the gator laying on the field as the players stood back about 50 yards away.

A man on a golf cart was filmed driving up to the gator in an attempt to shoo it off the field but was unsuccessful. At one point, he gets off the golf cart and pulls the gator by the tail, but that didn’t work either.

Reuters / Facebook

Each time the gator rose up on all four legs to run a short distance, it scared the guys, making them run away. The men grabbed each other for protection and scrambled around the field laughing at the situation.

“First time I seen an alligator, in real life, but it’s good to be in Florida, you know. I never seen this in Toranto,” one of the players said to a camera man filming him.

The team was practicing for a game in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals on Tuesday (April 27). They posed for a few photos with the gator before it decided to leave on its own. Watch footage of the incident below.