Songwriter Explains Problem Writing With Carrie Underwood

Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Having penned almost half a dozen hits with Carrie Underwood, this world-famous songwriter finally comes forward and reveals the true “trouble” writing alongside this powerhouse female vocalist.

Underwood, who has unleashed a seemingly-endless number of hits across country music radio, often has worked with the best songwriters you can find in Nashville – and among the best is Ashley Gorley.

As one of the best in town, Gorley has penned chart-topping hits with not only Carrie Underwood, but also Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, Trace Adkins, and many more.

Gorley first developed his musical ear after deejaying parties for friends in middle school. He grew up in rural Kentucky and liked the idea of seeing people respond to the music he played.

“I just got a feel for what made songs sound more like hits,” Gorley told People.

Next, he set his sights on Nashville and songwriting. Determined for success, he made sure to perfect his skills in every way he could so that crafting the perfect tune wouldn’t be too difficult.

“If there were some people who were only good at words or some people who were only good at melody … then those people only got certain calls. So I wanted to be good at everything.”

But now, he’s finally revealing the most troublesome part of working alongside one of the biggest names in country music: Carrie Underwood. 

Underwood, he says, might be the hardest person to write a song with…but it’s not because she’s being difficult.

“The trouble with writing with Carrie is that when she sings it back…it’s going to sound amazing,” he confessed. “So you can get away with a bad line or two if you’re not careful.”

To avoid this problem, sometimes he sings with his untrained voice and says that if it just sounds “okay” that likely means it’s awesome.

Listen to Ashley Gorley sing the hit song he wrote for Luke Bryan below and let us know what you think in the comments!