Soulful Beauty Gives Chilling Twist To Alan Jackson’s ‘Remember When’

Arielle Youtube

One young girl gave her fans a spiritual awakening when she uploaded her angelic cover of Alan Jackson‘s “Remember When” on her YouTube channel.

Arielle, the exceptionally talented singer, brought new life to the country music ballad when her vibrant vocals graced each lyric to produce perhaps one of the most inspiring performances of a Jackson tune we’ve heard in quite some time.

Melting fans with a smooth, acoustic guitar intro, Arielle gracefully put her unique spin on the iconic lyrics. As she continued through the 2003 hit, her vocals echoed through and impressed all with her profound emotions.

The remarkable song was written by Jackson for his loving wife, Denise, identifying their extensive history and one-of-a-kind experiences as a couple. The ballad reached number one on the Billboard charts and continues to hold the coveted title of one of the most romantic country songs ever written.

Arielle’s fans were not short on praise, in awe of her impeccable talent, and you, too, can experience her sensational voice by clicking her video below and telling us what you thought.