Steven Tyler Gives Voice To Abused Women In Emotional New Video

Facebook / Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund

Steven Tyler might be a rowdy rockstar but his true identity goes far beyond music. With the recent opening of his safe home for abused and neglected girls, he is giving women everywhere a chance to get their voice back. Through the hurt and pain, he hopes to inspire these young women to tell their story.

Janie’s Fund

30 years ago, Aerosmith released “Janie’s Got a Gun,” co-written by Tyler himself. With hopes of reaching an audience of young women who needed help, the song spoke volumes. But it was his more recent powerful actions that have left fans in awe over his courageous behavior.

It all began in 2015 when Tyler launched his fund, Janie’s Fund, in hopes of raising awareness and money for young women who had suffered sexual abuse. Since its opening, the fund has raised more than $4 million. But the fierce singer didn’t just stop there.

Earlier this year, Tyler opened Janie’s House – a home for abused and neglected girls. The safe home is located just outside of Memphis on the Youth Villages Barlett Campus. Aside from the big opening, Tyler also donated $500,000 for renovations of the 82-acre home.

Tyler hopes to bring awareness to the ongoing issue surrounding abuse. Following the trauma that these young women have experienced, the home will generate services and financial support to effectively get the girls back on their feet. The home can foster 14 girls at a time with no limitations on stay time.

The Survivors Stories

Now, the victims are here to tell their stories. Janie’s Fund released a new video featuring several celebrities – including Mia Tyler and the Hough siblings –  who are speaking in place for the young women. As each artist speaks a powerful message, the impact that Janie’s Fund has created comes to life before the viewers.

Facebook / Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund

Then, each celebrity takes the time to read a message from several survivors  – in their exact words. As the messages unfold, each paired the survivor’s name and their date, the tragic reality is brought into the light. The campaign is called #IAmJanie. Share your stories to support women all across the world in speaking out.

This video is a truly powerful message to victims and survivors everywhere. You can learn more about Janie’s Fund here.