Stock Car Bursts Into Flames After Violent NASCAR Wreck


Both cars ended up into the wall and one exploded in a fireball during this weekend’s highly-anticipated Brickyard 400.

With just less than 1/3 of the race remaining NASCAR drivers Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch were running neck-and-neck and fighting for the lead when they got tangled up in an accident that would pull both of them from the lead.

Truex Jr.’s No. 78 Toyota Camry got loose going into Turn 1 and snagged Busch’s car which sent both of them into the wall. Busch’s car then shot straight across the track toward the inside field, but Truex Jr. had a bit of a different problem.

As his car hugged the wall he had just crashed into, it exploded into a fireball nobody saw coming. The flames grew bigger as the car kept rolling forward – Truex Jr. still inside and trying to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Once the car had stopped, the video shows Truex Jr. leaping from the driver’s side and getting away from the car while crews sped toward him to put the flames out.

Following the race, Truex Jr. openly accepted fault for the crash during an interview with NBC.

“I just got loose and wrecked him – totally my fault. Didn’t really know what to expect in that position and didn’t really realize that he was going to drive in that deep and suck me around,” He explained. “I hate it for Kyle, he had a great car and we did as well, but that’s racing. Glad I was able to get out, fire was bad. I had no brakes and I had to run into the wall a second time just to get it to stop so I could get out. Fortunately, I’m okay and we’ll live to race another day.”

Watch this wild and intense wreck from this past weekend’s Brickyard 400 below and let us know what you think about the crash in the comments.