Team Blake’s Bold 15-Year-Old Tries Her Best At Carrie Underwood Superhit

YouTube/The Voice, NBC/Byron Cohen

The teenager decided to shoot for the stars during the performance that could send her packing if she made the wrong step.

One of the incredibly talented and stunning performers chosen to be on Team Blake, The Voice’s Aliyah Moulden pulled out all the stops during the most recent ‘Knockout Round’ – a round which could have quickly ended her run in the competition.

Rolling Stone reported that during a backstage session, coach Blake Shelton revealed that he was not surprised by Moulden’s song choice for the round, saying,

“Not only is it country, it’s a hard country song to sing – but this kid has a huge range and she’s just gotta figure out a way to get her nerves under control.”

The Big Moment

The moment she took the stage was the telling moment that would spell out her future on the show and reveal if she had gotten her nerves settled enough.

In a powerhouse moment of confidence and talent, Moulden delivered a stunning rendition of a song that is arguably one of Carrie Underwood’s most notable singles ever released, “Before He Cheats”.

Pouring her heart, soul, and every last fiber of her being into the performance, Moulden surprised all the coaches with her incredible ability at just 15 years old.

A Whirlwind Of Support

Following the performance, Shelton and his girlfriend (and fellow coach) Gwen Stefani both had high praise for the teen with Shelton telling her that it was her “best performance yet”. Needless to say, the decision was a hard one for Shelton, but he ultimately chose to keep Moulden on his team and let go of fellow teammate Carline Sky.–eEvXIbUMXcKmDONVveNOnF3jUrBR5tyPcl-jZtNHLEjBPVBD_1lI6GSBkaQVeBeHmlGFS8&theater

Watch Moulden’s performance that earned her a spot in the upcoming live rounds and let us know what you think!