Team Blake’s Ricky Duran Sings Beatles’ “Let It Be” In Hopes Of Making “Voice” Finale

The Voice / YouTube

There are many cuts that take place throughout the course of a Voice season. But no cut is more brutal than the one that takes place between the semifinals and finals.

In that cut, the field of competitors is trimmed from the Top 8 to the Top 4 at the snap of a finger. Needles to say, the semifinalist feel an immense pressure to deliver the best performances of their lives.

According to Blake Shelton, that’s exactly what his team member Ricky Duran did during the Season 17 semifinals.

Duran performed a song that has been covered many times before…”Let It Be” by the Beatles.

It’s a song that has also been covered on The Voice a fair share of times. Former team Blake member Chris Kroeze performed the song as a member of the Top 13 during Season 15. He went on to become the runner-up of the season.

Another Team Blake member, Season 14’s Kyla Jade, sang “Let It Be” during her own semifinals. She went on to place third that season.

While past Team Blake members managed to make it to the finale after singing “Let It Be,” Duran knew his spot in the Season 17 finale wasn’t guaranteed. He had to deliver a standout performance of the song, and make it his own.

He was able to do so thanks to his personal connection to the song. In rehearsal, he told Shelton the song became an anthem of sorts for his family after his mom passed away, is now one of his father’s favorite songs.

That personal connection helped Duran feel the emotions of the song, and those emotions came through in his vocal performance. He also used the performance to showcase his instrumental talent, and played both the guitar and the piano.

By the time he finished singing, Duran’s coach was in awe. “You just gave the vocal performance of your life,” said an amazed Shelton.

Now you can check out that remarkable vocal performance in the video below. Duran should feel proud and know that he gave this performance his all.