Team Blake’s Wendy Moten Sings Captivating Rendition Of “I Will Always Love You”

The Voice / YouTube

Wendy Moten has been singing for years. She started singing in her church choir as a child and also performed with the famous Overton Choir.

Moten caught her first big break after she performed with Michael Bolton at a benefit concert. She released her debut album in 1992 and had a hit single, “Come In Out of the Rain.”

After that, Moten got the chance to singing backup vocals on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill‘s Soul 2 Soul II Tour in 2006. She continued to perform with the couple until 2018.

Moten has also performed with two other iconic country artists: Martina McBride and Vince Gill.

Now, Moten is chasing her musical dreams alongside another country superstar, Blake Shelton. She is one of the Top 5 artists on Season 21 of The Voice, and is a member of Team Blake.

During the first live show of the season, Moten delivered a cover of Dolly Parton‘s timeless song “I Will Always Love You.” The song was later recorded by Whitney Houston, whose popular version is often referred to as one of the greatest recordings of all time.

Moten styled her rendition of “I Will Always Love You” after Houston’s. Her performance captivated the Voice coaches, and they all gave her a standing ovation when she finished singing.

Shelton was amazed, telling Moten:

I’m gonna say this, and I’m probably gonna catch a lot of heat for it, but I don’t care. I’ve been doing this show for 21 seasons, as a coach, and there is nobody that I want this more for, ever, than you. You deserve this.”

Kelly Clarkson echoed Shelton’s sentiments. “You are so gifted,” she told Moten. “That is such a big song…You are so incredible, it’s insane if you don’t make the finale.”

That’s some pretty high praise right there! Head below to watch the video of Moten singing “I Will Always Love You” so you can understand why the Voice coaches were so enchanted by her performance.

We have a feeling Shelton and Clarkson are right…Moten seems destined for stardom!