Technology Fail Leaves Carrie Underwood At Wit’s End

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In this day and age, technology plays a huge role in our lives. So when a piece of technology doesn’t work, it can instantly send someone into a miniature panic.

That’s exactly what happened to Carrie Underwood on Monday (April 17), when a technology fail placed her in the midst of a personal crisis. Underwood tweeted about the ordeal, looking to her fans for help.

As Underwood shared in her tweet, her Fitbit and the MyFitnessPal app on her smartphone were failing to sync with one another. The app allows you to track how much you’ve eaten during the day, and the Fitbit syncs with it to document how much you’ve exercised.

But since the two weren’t syncing, Underwood had no idea how many calories she had worked off in comparison to how many she had eaten. As a result, she was left in the middle of a personal dilemma.

“How do I known if I can have dessert?!?!?!” Underwood wrote with a distressed-looking emoji at the end.

Since it was the day after Easter, we’re sure all Underwood wanted to know is whether or not she could indulge in some delicious Easter candy. But because of her technology fail, she had no idea if she had worked out enough to be able to enjoy a tasty treat.

Underwood’s fans rushed in to help her solve her conflict, with everyone telling her to eat all of the dessert her heart desired. One fan complimented Underwood’s fit physique, and encouraged her to go ahead and eat some dessert.

Apparently Underwood isn’t the only one who has experienced a problem such as this. One of her fans tweeted a strong message of support, saying she’s panicked about similar things before.

After her fans’ strong words of encouragement, we have to wonder if Underwood went ahead and enjoyed some dessert. We think she has more than earned the right to do so!

Anyone who follows Underwood knows how devoted she is to living a healthy lifestyle. She works out regularly, and even has her own line of fitness wear.

Underwood also happens to have the cutest yoga partner in the world, her 2-year-old son Isaiah. She once shared a video of the two of them doing yoga together, and it’s too cute to handle! Enjoy watching it below.