Teenager Attacked By 10-Foot Alligator In Florida

Matthew Essman via Unsplash

If you live or are visiting an area that is known for their alligators during, stay alert. This time of year (the early summer months) is mating season for the animals, so they are spotted more and more.

Just last week, a woman in Fort Myers, Florida woke up to loud knocking on her door at 6:45am and it turned out to be two alligators fighting right in front of her door!


On Tuesday (June 2), a 14-year-old boy was walking with his mother and their dogs near a pond in Charlotte County, Florida. Around 12:30pm, Charlotte County Fire and EMS were called about an alligator attack.

Wink News reports that the teen was “spashing at the water’s edge” when a 10-foot alligator attacked him. He was bitten in the hand and leg while his mom and their dogs were only a few feet away.

According to Fox 4, the 14-year-old suffered “an open fracture to the leg” though his injuries are not life threatening. He is being treated at a local hospital.

Senior Officer Adam Brown said, “The boy and his mother were here with their two dogs and they were just enjoying the weather with their two dogs and playing near the shoreline there.”

Brown also said that the alligator is going to “be removed and taken to an alligator farm in Glades County.”

We pray for a fast and full recovery.