Newest Trend: Mini Cows As Pets

autumnwillows / Instagram, gretchenb75 / Instagram

If you like cows but don’t have a farm, you can still buy an adorable mini cow as a pet. There are various breeds of mini cows but all of them remain tiny in size even when reaching adulthood.

Although there are different breeds of mini cattle, most are either held as pets or used for smaller-scale milk production. Some, such as the Dexter of Ireland and the Vechur of Kerala, India, are traditional breeds while most others have been recently created by selective breeding. These miniature bovine vary with their different colors, markings and hair length. Depending on their size, the price for these animals generally starts from $1,500 and goes up substantially for cows that stay the smallest. There are numerous farms across the USA that specialize in the breeding of mini cows and most owners and breeders would agree that these animals very sociable and affectionate.

After 15 years of selective breeding the Lowline Angus cattle breed was born. They stabilized at about 30% smaller than a normal sized Highline cow, and that makes them one of the smallest breeds of beef cattle in the world.

Even though they are small, they’re still cows and it’s recommended to have 2-3 acres per mini-cow.

A small-sized cow makes for a great pet, or works well for introducing children to farm life.

Watch the video below for more about mini-cows!