Teens Unexpectedly Sing Emotional Hymn As Fallen Soldier’s Remains Are Escorted Off Flight

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One group of teens showcased a new level of respect and gratitude when they joined together for an impromptu performance to honor a soldier personally escorting the remains of a fellow brother. As their flight from Germany landed in Atlanta, Georgia, passengers were informed that one special guest would be given the opportunity to vacate the plane first in light of his task. The private, carrying the remains of a WWII soldier to his final resting place, rose from his seat and humbly made his way down the aisle of the plane. However, the acts of various teenagers on the flight left him with an experience he is sure to never forget.

Rising from their seats, the kids began to give a beautiful rendition to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, sending fellow passengers to tears with both their remarkable voices and touching gesture. It was sheer luck having the Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir aboard the flight, prompting for the sensational experience that paid proper respects to the soldiers. The honorable act was done out of impulse and respect, as the choir had never crossed paths with this man until the time of this flight. 

A recording of the wondrous moment was made public and quickly went viral, earning a wide range of praise for the soldiers, as well as the admirable teenagers that selflessly gave a remarkable gesture of respect and honor. As the performance ceased, the passengers erupted in applause for the kind-hearted performers and their noble gift.

You can watch this heartwarming and incredibly emotional video below, but be sure to keep your tissues handy.