Test Results Are Back On The Mysterious Rescue Animal That Escaped

Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant / Facebook

Back in January, veterinarian Christina Eyth working for Wildlife Works out of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania saved the life of a mysterious animal that was brought to her. The animal wasn’t aggressive, so it was questionable if it was a dog or a coyote, so the facility ran a DNA test to figure out its species.

However, before the test results could get back to determine which theory was correct, dog or coyote, the animal broke out of its cage during the night, chewed through the window, and escaped the facility.

Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant / Facebook

“We had him for about a week, during which time he ate nutritious food and received treatment for his mange and secondary infections. We can only guess he was starting to feel somewhat better and decided it was time to go,” Wildlife Works said in a Facebook post that has since been removed.

Well, that was three weeks ago and the DNA results have finally come in and, according to Wildlife Works, the tests confirm that the animal is 100% coyote.

“The results are in! Our ‘mystery animal’ DNA sample came back, 100% coyote! Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and followed this story. We are so thankful!” Wildlife Works wrote on Facebook.

Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant / Facebook

While the species of the animal has finally been confirmed, its whereabouts have still not been. It’s believed the coyote ran back off into the wild to continue living its life in its natural habitat.

Authorities of Mount Pleasant encouraged residents to call Wildlife Works at 724-925-6862 if they believe they have spotted the coyote in the local area. However, they strongly suggest not trying and catch the animal.