Super Bowl Ad: Willie Nelson Wants To Legalize…What?!


Willie Nelson was featured in this year’s 2022 Super Bowl ad wearing a “Legalize” T-shirt and at first glance, you can only imagine he is talking about legalizing marijuana.

For decades, Willie has been a long-time advocate for legalizing marijuana and has been publically vocal about it over the years but in this year’s Super Bowl ad, there was a little twist that many people didn’t see coming.

In the 30-second ad, Willie sits in a chair in front of camerea and says, “I fought for the legalization of the one thing that can bring comfort to millions…Skechers.”


The comment totally throws the director and everyone else off guard who was standing behind the camera filming the video of Willie. The director yells out “CUT,”  and then points it out to Willie that Sketchers shoes are already legal.

A confused Willie replies, “But they feel so good, I just assumed the man made them illegal.”

“No,” the director replies back.

“Not even a little illegal,” Willie says. “Like, you can wear them to a concert, but not to a kids soccer game?”

“You can wear Skechers anywhere,” the director said, finally making it clear for him.

“Well, pass the Skechers!” Willie excitedly says.

The ad ends with saying that we should legalize Skechers…which are already legal and now obviously Willie is aware of that.

Watch The Willie Nelson Skechers Ad Below