Texas Deputy Lassos Wild Feral Hog In Populated Apartment Complex

Sheriff Chody / Twitter

Williamson County, Texas – which is just outside of Austin – had an unwanted guest running wild in a populated apartment complex at the end of December 2019.

The Williamson County Sheriff was called to the apartment complex because there was a feral hog running around.

Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension says that feral hogs usually weigh around 200 pounds, with a large one weighing 300.


As the population of Texas continues to grow, the work isn’t over trying to keep feral hogs out of populated areas. At the beginning of September 2019, the state of Texas made it legal to hunt feral hogs without a license.

There are also companies that are dedicated to removing feral hogs – one in the San Antonio area specifically, called Lone Star Trapping. Since 2016, they have removed over 3,000 feral hogs from populated areas.

A deputy responded to to the call and took matters into his own hands. He grabbed a lasso from his vehicle, which isn’t a standard issue for the department, and lassoed the hog.

Luckily it was caught on camera and Williamson County’s Sheriff Chody tweeted it out.

What do you do when you receive a call for service of a loose feral hog in a populated apartment complex? Your patrol deputies pull out the lasso (not standard issue.)” Sheriff Chody tweeted accompanying the video.

He also said the hog was released into an unpopulated area unharmed. Watch the video below.