Police Arrest 24 People For Intentionally Setting Australian Bushfires

Twitter / Jake Buckley

Among the hundreds of reports coming from Australia every day, a new one has gripped the world: more than two dozen arrests have been made in relation to the devastating wildfires, all of whom are accused of starting a fire.

According to Fox17 Nashville, Australian authorities have arrested more than 180 individuals for offenses related to the fires and 24 of those arrests are linked to the intentional starting of a bushfire.

The arrests have been made over the last two months and the New South Wales Police Force revealed that since the first week of November, they have taken legal action against 183 people, of which, 40 are juveniles.

The terrible and tragic bushfires have consumed a majority of the country’s forested areas and killed more than 1 billion animals.


Daily, reports are shared across social media and world news sites about the devastating effects of the fires and show the mass amounts of koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and other Australia-only wildlife that people are rushing to save.

Our prayers are with the people and wildlife of Australia during this terrible time.