Texas Magician Uses Magic Trick To Steal From Cashiers

Seguin Police Department / Facebook

The Seguin Police Department released a couple of photos this month of a man using a sleight-of-hand magic trick to steal thousands of dollars from multiple stores across Texas.

The department said that he was convincing cashiers that they were not giving him the proper amount of change back when they would go to hand money over to him.

Authorities receiving information from multiple stores said that the man would walk into a store, such as Walmart, and start his antics by making a wire transfer or returning a high-value ticket item.

“When the cashier gives the cash to the suspect, he claims he was not given the proper change back. The suspect begins counting the change back, while palming the rest. While counting the change back, the suspect uses various distraction techniques on the cashier,” Seguin Police Department wrote on Facebook.

The man reportedly stole over $2,700 from the establishments with his sleazy magic tricks and police are asking individuals to report it if they see him.

“If you recognize this individual or have any further information regarding this incident, please contact Det. Schramm at 830-379-2123 so he can book him… for his next magic performance, of course.”

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