Texas Police Department Warns It’s Copperhead Season

Marion Texas Police Department / Facebook

Marion Texas Police Department released a Facebook statement¬†on Thursday warning people that it’s copperhead season now and folks should pay close attention to where they’re walking. You do not want to get bitten by one of the deadly critters.

The Wild Report / YouTube

In the statement, they gave a few tips to inform the public on a few things about copperheads. The first thing they noted was that if an adult snake bites you, you may only get a dry bite, meaning it didn’t have venom in the bite.

The second thing they mentioned is that if you smell cucumber for no reason, you are probably within striking distance of a venomous copperhead and you may have already disturbed him.

The Wild Report / YouTube

The department went on to say that the juveniles often have yellow-tipped tails and possums love to eat copperheads so leave possums alone. They also informed everyone that some snakes compete for food with the copperheads, such as the rat snake and king snake, so don’t kill them. A king snake will even kill a copperhead.

“King snakes eat copperheads, so don’t kill other snakes – they are harmless, leave them be. Learn to identify snakes in your area,” Marion Texas Police Department wrote on Facebook.

If you’d like to know more about copperhead snakes, the YouTube channel The Wild Report shared a video that claims to teach you “everything you need to know” about copperheads.

Everything You Need To Know About Copperheads Video Below