Blind Dog Sees For The First Time After Surgery, Makes Owners Tear Up

Holly And Bart / YouTube

Holly and Bart Emmerson were living a good life in Canada when they decided one day they wanted to adopt a dog. They got word from a friend that there was a black cocker spaniel recently rescued after found roaming around Olive Street in Los Angeles, California.

Holly And Bart / YouTube

Like an angel sent from Heaven to save the poor pup, the couple worked with their friend to get the dog on a plane and flew it to Vancouver. The dog had poor eyesight to the level of basically being blind but Holly and Bart decided to adopt her anyway and named her Olive.

They spoke with professionals and the advice they got from a vet was they could do surgery to remove her cataracts and she’d be more likely able to see again.

They drove Olive to the vet and performed the surgery on her. The heart-melting scene when Olive sees her owners for the first time was captured on video.

Holly And Bart / YouTube

She was very cautious and would skittishly hide behind the Emmersons as cars passed by them. Holly would help hide her when something scared her but for the most part, Olive seemed happy and normal.

Even though the surgery was successful, it wasn’t long after the surgery that she got glaucoma in her eyes and it became incredibly painful for her. It got infected so bad that they ultimately made the decision to have her eyes removed.

The Emmersons said it was like they had no choice but afterward Olive didn’t seem to mind. She seemed happy, wagging her tail and being playful again. It was like she was back in her comfort zone. Fortunately, the end of this story ended up being a good one.

Watch Their YouTube Video Below Of Olive Seeing For First Time