11 Years Ago: Glen Campbell Performs His Final Concert

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Glen Campbell performed his final concert on November 30th, 2012.

The man known worldwide as the “Rhinestone Cowboy” who played across radio waves with his seemingly endless string of hits gave his all during his farewell tour that country music fans will never forget.

Glen Campbell sets out on his farewell tour after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Glen Campbell, one of the most beloved and well-known country singers in the last 50 years, closed out his career exactly the way he started it: singing his heart out.

Throughout his more than 50-year career, Campbell drew a massive fan base to his concerts, shows, and various performances. He issued more than 100 singles from his 57 studio albums and has sold millions upon millions of albums worldwide.

While his career was decorated with incredible accomplishments in music and stunning roles in many films, no single performance was more powerful than his final Goodbye Tour concert in 2012.

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in early 2011, the longtime country favorite didn’t reveal his diagnosis for nearly six months and continued to play music and sing alongside some of his very talented family members. His family once revealed that his diagnosis came a long time after his symptoms began appearing and had become much more evident.

In 2016, his disease took a turn.

His wife, Kim Campbell, revealed in early 2016 that he had reached the final stages of the disease and wasn’t able to communicate any longer.

“[During this last stage of Alzheimers] he’s healthy, he’s content, and he’s lost most of his ability to communicate verbally. But he still understands the universal language of smiles and kisses,” she told WTSP Channel 10.

Campbell and his family kicked off his Goodbye Tour not long after his announcement and traveled across much of the United States playing many of the venues he had dazzled fans at in his younger years. Several of his family members took on roles as his backup band, including his wildly talented daughter, Ashley.

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His final televised performance took place in early 2012.

As part of his retirement and the conclusion of his lengthy career, he appeared at the 2012 Grammy Awards to perform his legendary hit, “Rhinestone Cowboy.” This performance became his final on-stage television performance.

Nine months later, Campbell would perform his heart-wrenching final concert at a small venue in Napa, California on November 30th, 2012.

The stunning performance he delivered was one filled with incredible amounts of emotion – not only for he and his family, but for the massive number of people filling the venue.

While it may not have been the same kind of performance he delivered when he was in his prime, Campbell’s farewell concert surely brought he and his fans closer together.

Glen Campbell passed away on August 8, 2017. The family shared the following statement on his social media accounts.


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Watch this rare video of his final performance below.