The Secret Story Behind Miranda Lambert’s New Engagement

Facebook/Sarah Goddard

Her ‘favorite proposal’ may have never happened had one woman not broken a few rules and bypassed security for her suitor during a recent concert.

Known for her stunning music, bubbly personality, and excellent performances, Miranda Lambert has stolen the hearts of Americans ever since she released her debut album, Kerosene in 2005. But no one’s heart has been captured more by the singer than her 6-year-old suitor, Sebastian.

During a recent tour stop, this little guy got the chance of a lifetime to not only see and talk to his beloved in person, but also a chance to give his all during a heartfelt proposal!

But, had one woman not been there – it all might never have happened.

Sarah Goddard, a huge Miranda Lambert fan herself, was waiting in line for a meet and greet session she had won when she heard of little Sebastian’s plan to propose to the country star.

“Initially he asked me to give her the ring he bought…and asked me to [propose]¬†for him,” Goddard said. “I asked his mom if it was ok for him to come in with me ‘as my son’.”

Goddard goes on to explain how she successfully snuck Sebastian in past security even though he didn’t have a pass for the ‘meet and greet’ and how his mother broke down in tears at the thought of her baby boy’s dream coming true thanks to the help of a stranger!

“I then asked him what he planned to say to Miranda…. He got down on one knee…opened the box and said ‘Miranda, I love you…Will you marry me?'” Goddard added.

And ultimately, Miranda said “Yes!” and took the beautiful pink ring he had bought her, placed it on her finger, and wore it for the entire concert! But, her acceptance did have one caveat: he had to wait 25 years!

“Needless to say, I am extremely thrilled to have made Sebastian’s dream come true!” Goddard says closing out her Facebook post. “Miranda later acknowledged Sebastian on stage in front of 100k people!!!”

Watch the video below of little Sebastian watching Miranda Lambert as she talks about her “favorite proposal” in front of thousands of her fans!