Thief Takes Ambulance & Crashes It Into Whataburger Customers

Jonesdr77 / Wiki Commons

A man in Houston, Texas is in custody on one count of felony theft after he stole an ambulance and went on a joyride that ended with him crashing into other vehicles at a local Whataburger.

A Houston Police Department spokesperson said that the man, 26-year-old Josue Vega, thieved the Houston Fire Department ambulance just before 11pm while the vehicle was parked on hospital property.

After stealing the ambulance, he drove to the nearest Whataburger and proceeded to crash into the cars in the fast-food restaurant’s parking lot before ending his rampage by crashing headfirst into a driver in the drive-thru line.

“Some dude just came in an ambulance and crashed it, just came flying in the parking lot and hit it head-on,” the drive-thru driver who was struck by the man told KTRK-TV.

Police said he didn’t drive far–the Whataburger was only about one mile from where he stole the ambulance, which was at the West Houston Medical Center.

“He came flying around the corner, and both of us said, ‘You know, he’s moving a little fast. He’s getting real close.’ And then the next thing I know, he’s in my hood,” the victim told KTRK.

When the ambulance collided with the first car in line, it pushed the car into the car that was behind it causing damage to both vehicles.

Fortunately, no people were hurt or injured during the incident. Employees of the Whataburger told authorities that after the man crashed, he came inside the restaurant and ran around the kitchen until police arrived.

They immediately took him into custody on one count of felony theft and a misdemeanor charge of failing to stop and provide police with information.