Man Starts 60-Acre Fire Trying To Kill Spider

Jeremy Harris / Twitter

According to the local authorities of Springville, Utah, a man is facing several charges after he burned down 60 acres of land after he tried to kill a spider with his lighter.

Investigators say the fire started Monday afternoon and grew to about 40 acres before firefighters were able to get to the scene.

“As fire [crews] responded, they got to the area where it appeared that the fire had started, and there was a man there with his dog,” Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon said, according to Boston 25 News. “[The man] told them that he was there and that he was the one who started it and that he had been using a lighter to burn a spider.”

Fortunately, the fire was finally brought under control after 60 acres had burned. Two helicopters flew in and one dropped water and retardant on the flames while the other stood as a lookout to make sure the fire was contained.

“Not sure exactly why he felt the need to need to have to burn the spider, but you know, all the regret in the world doesn’t change the outcome based on whatever reason there was for him doing that,” Cannon told KTVX.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office did not identify the man but said he will be charged with reckless burning, which carries a penalty of up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $2,500.

They also said that during his arrest, they found drugs and paraphernalia in his backpack which he will be charged for, however, they didn’t disclose what kind of drugs.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox had a few words, “Um, don’t do drugs kids (and don’t start spiders on fire during a drought).”