Chris Stapleton Seen At Kentucky Walmart Shopping For Flood Victims

Amber Swope Hamilton/Facebook

Shoppers at a Kentucky Walmart were in for a surprise this week when they saw none other than country star Chris Stapleton perusing the aisles.

Stapleton, a Kentucky native, made an appearance at the Prestonsburg department store to shop for supplies to help some of the many victims of the recent flooding in the state. During his shopping spree the “Fire Away” singer took some time to interact with some fans who recognized him.

One of those fans was Courtney Crider and her daughter Etta. Crider documented the special moment with a post on Facebook that included photos, a video and an explanation of what the chance encounter meant to her daughter who has “multiple needs” and calms down listening to Stapleton’s music.

“Well you will never believe what happened in pburg [sic] Walmart. Of course I saw him and took Etta back in. She wanted his beard and then cracked up laughing after I told her who he was. I said we have been trying to send you her story for years,” Courtney wrote. “He was buying flood victims supplies so crazy mom didn’t bother him too much. I pray he will sing for her one day.”

Other photos of Stapleton’s time in Kentucky were shared online by fans who saw him and asked for photos, as well as workers from a local Dairy Queen where the singer went for a “footlong and blizzard.”

Eastern Kentucky was devastated when a historic storm occurred Wednesday night through Thursday morning. National Weather Services’s science and operations officer Dustin Jordan said that prior to the storm his agency “issued numerous flash flood warnings and also upgraded them all the way up to catastrophic, which is pretty much the highest level you can go, which is basically like a flash flood emergency.”

Some areas of the state received 14 to 16 inches of rain over a five-day period,  Jordan said.

“You’re talking about unprecedented rainfall totals. The biggest thing that you can take from this is that flash flooding from nighttime rainfall is very dangerous. It’s very difficult for people to get to safety at night. So that’s part of it. A lot of people are sleeping, and then having to get out very, very fast,” he reported.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said Tuesday that 37 people have been confirmed dead due to the flooding, and hundreds more are unaccounted for. Our prayers are with the people of Kentucky.

If you would like to help the people of Kentucky, consider donating through Chris Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Kind Fund. 100% of the donations received by the fund will go to flood relief efforts in Appalachia Kentucky. Donate HERE.